Business Gazelles 2020 - Eximo Project high in the ranking


Eximo Project was placed on the high position of the "Gazelles of Business 2020" ranking. 30th place in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship confirms that the company belongs to the group of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises in Poland.

Gazele Biznesu 2020 Eximo Project

Forbes Diamonds 2021 - Eximo Project awarded once again 


Eximo Project was awarded the Forbes Diamond 2021. The award highlights the company's continued growth, which is particularly important in the context of the business challenges that the whole economy has brought to 2020.

Diamenty Forbesa 2021 Eximo Project

10 years of Eximo Project on the IT market


In 2020 it is 10 years since Eximo Project started operating on the IT services market. Over the decade, from a two-person family business, we have developed into a thriving organization providing services to customers from the sector of small, medium and large enterprises. This was possible thanks to the consistent implementation of our assumptions, which primarily focus on the highest quality of service, inscribed in our motto "IT level higher" and the continuous development of our employees' competence, without whom the implementation of current and new projects would not be possible. Over the decade we have been dynamically developing the portfolio of our services, offering our business partners modern IT solutions adapted to their needs and meeting the highest ICT market standards. Today, our constantly growing team of thirty-five IT specialists is working on the implementation of projects in the field of system integration, network design and IT security for companies from the industrial, financial and public administration sectors. .

Eximo Project - Outsourcing IT

Forbes Diamonds 2020 - Eximo Project in the voivodship's lead


We have been awarded the Forbes Diamond 2020. Our company took 14th place on the list of 150 companies from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Forbes Diamonds is a ranking of companies that increase their value the fastest over the past three years. This year's edition also took into account the positive ranking of credibility and risk of cooperation with the awarded company as an important element of the assessment of the reported company..

Eximo Project Diament Forbesa 2020 Outsourcing IT Firma informatyczna

High place in the "Gazelles of Business 2019" plebiscite


Eximo Project was ranked high in the 20th edition of the "Gazelles of Business". We are among the most dynamic Polish companies from the SME sector, taking 26th out of 269 submitted companies in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. In the national ranking we took 685th place, which allowed us to overtake almost 4 thousand companies from all over Poland.

Gazele Biznesu Eximo Project Bydgoszcz Outsourcing IT

Second place in the "Golden Hundred of Pomerania and Kujawy 2018"


Eximo Project took second  place in the poll "Golden Hundred of Pomerania and Kujawy 2018" in the category "The best small companies in terms of financial results" of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region.

Prize for Eximo Project from Extreme Networks


We have been awarded by Extreme Networks. The award for many years of cooperation and implementation based on the manufacturer's technology confirms the leading position of Eximo Project as a partner from the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region.

Eximo Project nagroda Extreme Networks

Award from Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa in Bydgoszcz


Eximo Project was awarded for the cooperation with the university so far. The company, as a Partner of IT and Law in Business, participates in the creation of educational programs, taking part in the exchange of experience between science and business.

Eximo Project WSB Bydgoszcz prize awarded

Eximo Project awarded in the „Lider Bezpieczeństwa Państwa 2018”


Eximo Project won the "Lider Bezpieczeństwa Państwa 2018" award in the Service category. The award was granted for a proprietary IT service - "Secure Employee", aimed at determining the level of IT security of the examined entity and showing areas of vulnerability to cyber attacks.


Eximo Project - winner of the "Healthy employee, healthy company" competition


Eximo Project took first place in the competition "Healthy employee, healthy company" organized by Employers of Poland. The award was granted in the category of "Small enterprise". Our company has been recognized for its active efforts to promote healthy lifestyles among employees.

Eximo Project awarded by "Forbes"


Eximo Project has been included in the prestigious group of winners of Diamenty Forbesa 2017 (Forbes Diamonds 2017). The award is granted to companies which have been increasing their worth most dynamically over the three preceding years, maintaining 15% growth. We are pleased to inform that the average rate of growth of our company was over 25%. Key criteria, which the ranking follows, are financial results, value of assets, payment history and absence of negative legal events.

Diamenty Forbesa 2017 title confirms the position of Eximo Project within the group of the best and fastest growing companies in Poland which generated revenue from PLN 5 to 50 million in the previous year.

Eximo Project came first in the competition „The Golden Hundred of Pomerania and Kuyavy Region".


The prize was awarded in the category „Best Small Company in Financial Results". The gala was held in Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz on 18 May 2015. It was the third time that our Company took part in the competition, each time being ranked as the top ten honoured companies.