Development of secure and efficient IT environments, including software supporting business development.


Eximo Project focuses on dynamic development through implementation of innovative and secure system and application solutions. We want our technologies to stand for the highest quality.

Eximo Project

We understand that financial and structural benefits of our customers bring measurable value for our company, therefore we are constantly looking for solutions intended to optimise IT resources and the potential of our business partners.

We strive for ensuring that our solutions contribute to effective administration of IT resources and support an effective management control in all IT areas. By improving our services systematically, we aim to achieve such system efficiency that will result in increasing the competitive advantage of our customers’ business operations.

We are confident that the solutions we offer will contribute to the dynamic development of the companies serviced by us and help build the image of Eximo Project as a reliable and innovative leader on the market of new technologies.

We follow a number of important principles in business:

Labour culture

We make our best efforts to make you recommend working at Eximo Project. We want you to identify with the goals set for you and feel that you have a real impact on our development.

We continue to develop the package of additional benefits resulting from working for us. Integration and sport events, competitions and social meetings are among them. You will find more information HERE



We promote openness and appreciate different opinions. We think that diversity of working environment is a great advantage which supports gaining valuable professional experience and broadening horizons.

We give a strong YES to individuals.


Creation and innovation are features characteristic for the IT industry. We know that good ideas do not only come from managers. Experience and remarks from the entire team are a value which cannot be overestimated.

Wide perspective on the implemented task is a benefit not only for IT, but also for the entire business – both ours and our customer's.  We write scripts for repeatable and boring tasks.


We do not compromise in this field. In our opinion: It is no shame not to know. It is a shame not to get to know.

Our assumption is that training and certification procedures, which stand for the ongoing development of employees, are an inevitable element of professional improvement making it possible for the employees to follow the latest solutions on the market.


Our goal is to make maximum practical use of the knowledge we have. We turn subsequent certificates into useful and innovative solutions.

Long-term professional experience of our engineers and programmers, gained from participation in projects implemented by international companies, make us prepared for taking up right solutions in the right time


Eximo Project engineers are in direct contact with their customers. Therefore, we know how important the response time to an incident is.

Providing information concerning the risk and taking preventive or service and system restoration actions immediately frequently makes a failure run symptomless and unnoticed for the user.


Trust is an important element of business relations. We are great supporters of Kaizen. We think that by ongoing improvement at every stage of providing a service, we achieve quality, which is a benchmark for model cooperation with the customer. We appreciate even the shortest comments or other feedback and turn them into an added value.

We guarantee that we do everything that we can so that business partners of Eximo Project could feel full support from our side.