Secure Office Service


Secure Office Service

A comprehensive service increasing the level of cybersecurity and providing support for the local government unit in implementing the legislator's requirements in this area.

The implementation of service activities raises the awareness of Office Employees and ensures their proper response to cyber threats.

The service can be used in all institutions that have access to the Internet and whose activity is related to, among others, the use of electronic communication channels (e-mail correspondence, social media channels, instant messengers).

Bezpieczny Urząd Cyberbezpieczeństwo

The service consists of:

Implementation of activities recommended in the Secure Office Service minimizes the risk of a successful hacking attack.

This service helps to fulfil the cybersecurity responsibilities of local governments:

  • Providing training for the Office's employees.

Regulation of the Council of Ministers on the National Interoperability Framework. Chapter IV, Paragraph 20, Point 6

  • Reacting to the risk of cyber threats.

Extract from the legislative law "The position of the commune secretary". Section 3.5 - Security and coordination tasks.

  • Informing residents about cyber threats.

"National Cyber Security System Act." Article 22, Point 4

70% audited by NIK in 2019 Offices have problems with ensuring information security.

This is due to:

  • Lack of regular training for Office Employees.
  • Inadequate protection against unauthorized access.
  • Incorrect monitoring of access to information systems.
  • Failure to carry out information security audits.

"Public Administration in the State Security System." - a document published by the Senate of the Republic of Poland defines Officices as particularly vulnerable to attack by cyber-terrorists.