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Backup Systems

Proper configuration of a backup system allows to recreate data in the event of their damage or loss.

Access to transactional and historical data is possible thanks to backup solutions supplementing redundant data storage systems, e.g. RAID.

Implementation of a backup system is preceded by an analysis of IT environment with respect to compliance of the systems inside the company with the solution proposed by Eximo Project. Properly selected devices for data storage and software managing backup processes allow to avoid a situation when the company is exposed to data loss.

Eximo Project

Configuration of a backup system assumes precise specification of functional parameters in the event of a failure.

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – allows to specify the time during which the company assumes that the service or system will be relaunched.
  • Recovery Point objective (RPO) – specifies acceptable time during which the company will be deprived of access to business data.


Significance for business.

Effective restoration of access to historical and transactional data is a significant factor for ensuring smooth company operation. Maintaining business continuity in specific time as well as clear information on how long the company will be deprived of access to data have a significant impact on the sense of business security.

The applied solutions allow to make backup in the background, without the necessity to interrupt the user's work.

Performing the full system backup service by Eximo Project helps to ensure that the data are stored in the professional Data Center, providing maximum physical and logical security and in the environment allowing data replication. Moreover, ordering the backup service is a solution generating lower costs as compared to the costs of own system development.

Significance for IT.

Solutions proposed by Eximo Project allow to create backups and restore applications and systems quickly thanks to the complex combination of backup and replication methods. Backup creation can be executed in an incremental, differential or complete manner, facilitating restoration of particular files and catalogues. Apart from traditional tools for physical machine backup, Eximo Project offers creation of virtual machine backups.

Direct benefits of implementing the backup service for IT:

  • Functions of immediate restoration of complete virtual machines.
  • Database restoration.
  • Performing backups of entire applications.
  • Possibility to map the production environment.
  • 24/7 monitoring and notifications about failures and status of restored data