Database Systems



Database systems are IT systems or software for database management. Database systems constitute an integral part of modern production management systems. Databases store information required for analysis purposes and ensure fast and correct sharing of such data.

Eximo Project


Over the last few years, databases have transformed from simple file systems into advanced data structures which store data on large numbers of users for various applications. Databases are used in all information-based areas of our lives. Database systems can be found everywhere where there is a need to store, search, manage and analyse gathered data. An issue commonly faced by administrators is ensuring efficient operation of information systems and implementing new methods of searching, analysing and using continuously collected data.

Significance for business

The task of database systems is to increase efficiency, reduce errors and support decision-making and analytical processes.
Database systems increase the efficiency of business operation in the scope of gathering, processing and sharing information between the company, its counterparties and clients, or within the company itself. Database systems can be used by all companies. The technical possibilities of implementing even the most challenging projects are virtually unlimited.

Significance for IT

A database is understood as an information structure designed for storing data on complex platforms and their correlations. The structure must ensure safe and permanent data storage and allow access to selected sections of its contents to authorised users, in a way and at a time that is convenient to them.

  • Creation of an integrated information environment, including establishment of the database as well as the bank of methods and models.
  • Cooperation with other organisations in order to create an integrated information environment.
  • Selection of key sectors and areas for immediate informatisation.
  • Determination of the needs in terms of equipment, software and specialised staff.
  • Preparatory works of efficient organisation and coordination before the system implementation.

In order to achieve the best results at each step of the database system design and the implementation process, the works should be carried out by specialists experienced in integration of the most challenging systems. IT system implementation requires important decisions to be made in relation to selecting the right infrastructure: the hardware platform, operating system and database management system. Projects carried out by Eximo Project involve works dedicated to ensuring a fast and safe operation of the database system.

The purpose of introducing such changes is to eliminate single system failure points, which impact on the company’s smooth business operation. In order to ensure complete safety, we offer a proprietary monitoring system, which helps us significantly reduce or eliminate issues with database access.