IT security systems 


IT security systems 

Eximo Project handles implementation of IT security systems protecting company sensitive data and public sector institutions.

The undertaken activities take into consideration the potential loss of data both due to external factors, as well as due to reasons caused by internal IT infrastructure users.

The basic assumption defining full IT system security is the configuration of environment allowing the installed software to be operated according to its specification. Furthermore, IT security system should provide users with stable access to defined functions, and the introduced data cannot be falsified or used by unauthorised entities.

The diversity and complexity of risks to which data are exposed is reflected by the number of systems available on the market, intended for effective security management.

Eximo Project is specialised in the following areas of IT security:

  • IDS, IPS (Intrusion Detection System, Intrusion Prevention System) – solutions preventing intrusions and systems for detecting and ongoing monitoring of computer networks blocking attacks in real time.
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-spyware systems providing protection against viruses, dangerous spam and intrusive spyware.
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management) – equipment solutions, usually in the form of one device, providing multi-aspect network security.
  • DLP (Data Leak Prevention) – protection against accidental data loss or theft.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) IPSec, SSL – solutions providing secure connection between remote computer networks using an encrypted channel.
  • F5Wizard Monitoring IT– complex system for monitoring systems and applications offering control and management of selected infrastructure elements and allowing proactive operations thanks to the analysis and correlation between historic events.

To know more about F5Wizard system click HERE

We offer a wide range of solutions, taking into consideration individual security needs in the protected area.


Significance for business.

The quality of IT environment has a significant impact on the entire company activity. Effective customer service or production continuity depends on the reliability of applications and data availability. Implementation of solutions in the field of IT security ensures more efficient management of the company business continuity. Clear security policy also allows for counteracting crisis situations effectively. Thanks to the increase of security level and developed procedures, the company is increasingly regarded by its customers as a reliable partner that meets requirements concerning protection of data present in the institution.

The companies and institutions, which are legally obliged to protect information, can avoid penalties for breaching data security and act in accordance with the specified regulations thanks to the implementation of solutions that improve information security.  Owing to periodic security audits performed by Eximo Project, the customer gains the possibility of optimising solutions responsible for information protection.

Significance for IT.

Implementation of solutions in the field of information security supports effective management of IT environment in a company or institution by internal or external IT departments. Proper equipment and application solutions allow to analyse and estimate the risk related to the possibility of data loss. Administrators responsible for information protection gain tools adjusted to maintain high availability of systems and applications, which are protected by properly parametrised devices. The software and hardware methods can be supported with methods of physical and organisational protection, forming a coherent element of data protection system.