Teamwork Systems



The solution is based on software designed to support teamwork between users working from one or multiple geographic locations. The systems allow the users to work simultaneously on shared data and to ensure better coordination.

Central management

Efficient management of the company infrastructure and users is becoming more challenging. Systems which facilitate central management of resources in the company network, as well as identity and access management, are the functional basis of modern corporations. A key supplier of this type of software is Microsoft with the Active Directory (AD) domain service.

Eximo Project


of the domain service 
at the company
allows the following:

  • Centralised IT infrastructure management.
  • Remote software distribution.
  • Centralised antivirus protection and user software updates.
  • Establishment and monitoring of common safety policies.
  • Management of network printers and scanners.
  • Central identity and access management.
  • Network resource access control.
  • User identity management and verification.

Electronic mail.


Proper functioning of electronic mail, circulation of documents and meeting schedules belong to the most important aspects of every work organisation. Electronic mail is a basic office tool, extremely important in business communication. The business safety depends on reliable and efficient operation of the mail system.

A skilfully designed mail service with a teamwork platform positively contributes to the improvement of intra-company communication and efficient communication with partners and clients.


Here the elements that complement the electronic mail service:

  • Document management and exchange mechanisms.
  • Shared schedules and contact lists.
  • Task transfer tools.
  • Functions which support the exchange of information within company structures.
  • Voice-based solutions connected to teleconferences.


Significance for business.

Increased teamwork efficiency, improved organisation and management of information exchange are the main advantages of teamwork systems. One of the most important aspects of the program is the ability to create specific business models and to control the task completion process. Electronic mail is the main means of business communication and often the basis of the business operation.

Significance for IT.

Implementation of teamwork solutions facilitates reduction of the number of user incident reports. The system significantly improves service accessibility and the ability to efficiently restore the system operation after a fault. It is a great tool for the staff responsible for work organisation within the company structures as well as for safety and data management. In terms of central management, it offers great time savings for IT administrators.


In order to achieve the best results at each step of the design and implementation process, the works should be carried out by specialists experienced in heterogeneous technology implementation.

Eximo Project engineers offer the following:

  • Design of integrated electronic mail and teamwork systems closely integrated with the existing ICT infrastructure, while paying particular attention to the character of the business organisation.
  • Comprehensive implementation of electronic mail, teamwork and document circulation systems.
  • System migration to later versions and to systems from various developers, including migration of stored data.
  • Design and implementation of electronic mail systems with remote access and for mobile devices.
  • Safety and configuration checks of the existing mail systems.