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Eximo Project is a Polish manufacturer of software used for monitoring IT infrastructure in companies in many sectors of economy.

System F5Wizard successfully performs control and management functions, providing complex protection of IT services, applications and systems significant from the perspective of businesses.

The monitoring functionalities of F5Wizard are used e.g. by manufacturers of railroad vehicles, leaders of FMCG industry as well as companies in the insurance industry and public administration units.


The expanded and fully scaled system functionalities allow precise monitoring of specific parameters. F5Wizard is excellent as a tool for improving administration of IT infrastructure in a company as well as a system thanks to which the management staff and board are provided with full and clear information concerning the ongoing utilisation of systems and applications.

F5Wizard is distinguished in the monitoring system market by its capability to correlate historic events. The individuals directly responsible for infrastructure development gain the opportunity to observe and diagnose the forecast system operation in a company.

The correlation of events has a significant impact on the application security and failure-free operation level, providing a clear signal for the administrator that there might be a problem with accessing critical resources, which may occur within the date specified on the basis of data comparison.

Benefits resulting
from the use of 
system F5Wizard:

  • Clear information on the status of your systems, devices and applications all in one place.
  • With our system, you can indyvidually configure agents assigned to specific application or system.
  • Easy monitoring of applications and systems from your internal IT structure and public Internet network.
  • Measurable increase the security level of your IT infrastructure.
  • Modification of user's responsibilities - broadcasting roles, create groups of contacts and management of duties.
  • F5Wizard can monitor the security of applications by performing periodic penetration tests, identifying various vulnerabilities of applications and systems.
  • F5Wizard provides vulnerability assessment performed according to OWASP.
  • F5Wizard is provided in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

OWASP - Open Web Application Security Project


Open Web Application Security Project is an international non-profit organisation promoting knowledge about application security. Through promotion of knowledge about the methods, practices, tools and technologies of particular solutions available on the IT market, it educates information security specialists around the world, while maintaining at the same time independence and autonomy with regard to any technological company.

What is OWASP TOP 10?

This is a set of 10 most critical risks for internet applications, which constitutes the basis for developing methods for production of secure software.

Each risk includes the following:

  • Description
  • Examples of exposures
  • Examples of attack attempts
  • Guidelines of how to avoid risks
  • References to OWASP and related resources

SaaS - Software as a Service

Software as a Service is a distribution model consisting in providing remote access to software online. Access to application is possible through a web browser interface. The software is located on the server, which eliminates the necessity to launch the application on the user's computer.

Advantages of distributing software in SaaS model:

  • No expensive licence fees; payment in the form of a monthly subscription.
  • No long-lasting application implementation processes.
  • Usefulness – the application is designed with respect to maximum usefulness in the remote service model.
  • No requirement to install the application on the user computers.
  • Responsiveness – possibility to use the application on any mobile device.
  • Savings in servicing – no requirement to maintain workplaces in internal IT departments dedicated for application operation.
  • No equipment costs related to infrastructure development.
  • Service scalability – a possibility to determine precisely the demand for particular functionalities on the part of the customer.
  • High availability and guaranteed level of IT security.