Call Center


Designing solutions Call and Contact Center.

Eximo Project

Eximo Project has experience in designing solutions in the field of Call Center, regarded as a significant element of company management, using CRM methods. We offer complex solutions applied in call centers for medium and large companies, production sector, financial sector and public sector, where request handling is based on phone calls.

In solutions provided for our customers, we use the following technologies:

  • ACD – automatic call distribution.
  • IVR – interactive voice response.
  • CTI – computer telephony integration.

Considering the development of technologies and methods with customers, we simultaneously offer projects and implementations of expanded Call Center formula known as Contact Center. Applying alternative channels of communication with customers, such as e-mail, chat, online forms, SMS or video conferences, allows effective use of resources intended for customer service and increase of availability of services offered by Contact Center. 

Benefits resulting from the implementation of Call Center in a company:

  • Effective user support with simultaneous increase in satisfaction with the service level.
  • Increased availability thanks to one point of contact and information.
  • Quicker response to customer or internal user requests.
  • Better communication and direct cooperation between Call Center consultants.
  • Increased focus of consultants on the request assigned to them.
  • Reduction in negative impact on business.
  • Improved infrastructure management and control (co-creation of CMDB by consultants).
  • Complex management information supporting decision taking.
  • Maximisation of remotely provided support with reduction in the number of visits at the user's premises at the same time.
  • Relying on the lack of line engagement: calls are taken or registered in the request notification system.
  • Registration of important request details and determination of categories and priorities.
  • Possibility of measuring customer satisfaction by means of telephone surveys or electronic distribution.