IT Infrastructure 
Outsourcing and Collocation



An alternative for expanding own IT resources is the use of Data Processing and Storage Center.

Data Center Eximo Project allows a company to save the costs related to construction or development of necessary and expensive IT infrastructure. All our projects are implemented on the basis of individually adjusted SLA agreements, which guarantee the quality of provided services.

Eximo Project


Eximo Project offers Data Center space for the service of collocating IT equipment and support. Placing customer devices in a secure and professional server room guarantees high system availability.

he modern server room located in Bydgoszcz meets all data security and confidentiality requirements, ensuring a high level of services for our Customers. The applied technology developed by renowned and reliable manufacturers, as well as the location, has a real impact on the speed of access.

Eximo Project

of guaranteed 

  • Supply from two independent substations.
  • Two independent UPS supply systems securing data centers from momentary power cuts.
  • Modern automatic power generator ensuring uninterrupted supply for all devices.

  • Access and security control.

Access to servers is provided only to the employees who handle technical infrastructure and have special access cards. Data Center is also covered by a monitoring system, and its security is supervised 24/7 by a professional security agency.

  • Air conditioning systems.

Ensuring proper air conditioning of rooms is essential for correct functioning of technical devices and data security. Data Center has redundant air conditioning and antistatic floors. The rooms are maintained at the constant temperature of 21 °C and air humidity at the level of 25%. Additionally, rooms are protected by extinguishing agent FM-200, which is neutral to electronic devices.

  • Availability monitoring 24/7.

All services are covered by ongoing monitoring, which captures very quickly any irregularities in the functioning of services, connections and servers. Thanks to this, we may react immediately, before the users are affected by the changes.

  • Technical support 24h.

Regardless of the day of the week or time, technicians are always available at the server room, ready to handle every issue. A service failure in the middle of the night does not cause the necessity of waiting for a response until the morning. We act immediately.

  • High-speed connections.

Two independent internet connections from leading Polish Internet providers, each with the speed of 700 Mbit/s. BGP routers ensure full connection redundancy and minimise the impact of failures on the functioning of services at individual operators.

  • Reliability.

In order to ensure the continuity of operations, all network devices, server devices and disk arrays are doubled. In the event of a failure, the entire support may be switched to a twin replacement device. Switch times amount to a few seconds. We use technologies of market leaders, such as Cisco, Dell, Juniper, Vmware, F5 Networks.

Services provided within outsourcing:

  • Network solutions (LAN,WAN).

We offer the full scope of solutions which constitute the basis for effective functioning of each IT system in a company. Our partners are renowned manufacturers, offering only tested and optimally selected technological solutions.

  • Server infrastructure.

We offer optimum equipment solutions, including support in selecting proper equipment parameters, configuration, early post-implementation support and ongoing infrastructure support.

  • Archiving systems.

We are aware of the importance of the data entrusted to us by our customers. Thanks to the professional archiving system and advanced solutions for creating data backups, we guarantee full and secure access to the collected information.

  • Workstations and terminals.

We offer hardware manufactured by well-tested producers, taking into consideration individual customer needs in the field of configuration and efficiency. Our offer includes a wide selection of personal computers and efficient customer terminals with multimedia support intended for handling virtualised environments and cloud computing.

  • Security systems.

IT security is one of the priorities in the activity of Eximo Project. We treat security issues uncompromisingly; therefore, prior to each implementation, we prepare the concept of protecting customer IT infrastructure, including possible types of risks at the level of systems, applications and networks.

  • IP communication (teleconferences and videoconferences, IP telephony).

We offer you modern IT solutions, the application of which allows efficient handling of incoming and outgoing calls. The offered system fully meets the requirements of small, medium-sized and large companies, and its integration with the existing IT infrastructure is easy to execute.