The Safe Employee


The Safe Employee Service

The Safe Employee Service is a set of actions aimed at determining the level of IT security of the audited entity (company, institution) and showing areas of vulnerability to cyber-attacks in the areas of human resources, functional and infrastructural.

On the basis of the irregularities found, the ordering party receives a comprehensive solution (training, procedures, modernisation of the infrastructure), tailored to the type of the audited entity, which should be implemented in order to increase the IT security.

The service can be applied in all companies and institutions that have access to the Internet and the operations of which are connected with the use of electronic communication channels (e-mail, support for social media channels, instant messengers, etc.).

The service is based on three basic elements that make up the IT security of the company or an institution:

Eximo Project


In order to determine the IT awareness of the employees of the audited entity, Eximo Project developed a 3-stage verification programme.

I stage

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) based on sources available to the public about the subject under investigation. Conducting a verification test (simulated hacker attack) for all employees.

II stage

Training for employees by a data protection security expert.

III stage

Access to e-learning for all employees (our own e-learning platform with the training on IT security principles).

Eximo Project


Based on the business operation analysis, conducted verification tests and audits of the IT infrastructure, Eximo Project shall prepare viable, implementable procedures adjusted to the capabilities of the company or institution. Eximo Project also creates security policies for employees and the entire organisation.

The employee and the organisation are supported by the SOC (Security Operations Center) – Team of Eximo Project specialists, whose task is to analyse the network security and react to the detected threats. The SOC team can work with the Service Desk – the First Line of Technical Support – a separate service provided by Eximo Project to ensure the most efficient response to threats.

Eximo Project


As part of the Safe Employee Service, it is possible to conduct security audits and penetration tests for the IT systems used in the enterprise or institution.

As part of the Safe Employee Service, it is possible to control systems, applications and devices with the IT monitoring system developed by Eximo Project.

Eximo Project